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We offer our energy clients several tailored supply options that reduce risk while achieving savings

A Leading Energy Brokage Firm

Nucleen is a prominent energy brokerage firm in the industry, offering exceptional energy solutions and cost-effective supply through our strategic partnerships.

As a leading retail energy brokerage, we serve a wide customer base in deregulated markets across the United States, acting as a trusted advisor and a comprehensive broker exchange platform.

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Optimize Your Savings with Customized Energy Structures Done Right.

From fixed-rate structures providing budget certainty to the flexibility of fixed + index options, we offer a range of energy pricing solutions. Choose a fixed-rate structure and enjoy a consistent rate without fluctuations. Alternatively, opt for a fixed + index structure to take advantage of market scenarios. In bear markets, a variable-rate structure allows you to benefit from lower prices. For large energy users, our expertise extends to collars and active hedging strategies. With our comprehensive solutions, we cater to diverse needs in the energy market.

We Enable Our Energy Sales Partners To Succeed

At Nucleen, we are committed to empowering our energy partners to succeed. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to enhance their capabilities and streamline their operations. Here's why our energy partners choose us:

Sort Matrix Pricing

Make your life easier. Auto-sort matrix prices on the fly from over 60 retail energy suppliers.


Detailed reports to help you grow your business, from customer usage to commissions.

Custom Price Quotes

Request custom price quotes through our platform and manage all of your RFP’s from one portal.

Manage Your Team

View and manage your sales team from our platform. Gain access to documents and insights related to your agents.

Custom Tailored Energy Solutions

Every business utilizes energy differently. A manufacturing plant operating round the clock has a distinct energy consumption pattern compared to a restaurant that closes early in the evening. Recognizing the diverse range of energy supply options and aligning the suitable product with your usage profile can result in substantial cost savings. As energy experts, we provide a range of tailored energy solutions to our customers.

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Offering 360 ° Retail Energy Solutions

Nucleen is your trusted energy partner, providing expert guidance and a seamless platform for energy sales. Whether you're a business owner seeking cost-effective solutions or an energy sales professional looking for support, we've got you covered. Explore our partnership programs tailored to different sectors below.


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